"the arrival's gate" by Ani DiFranco

gonna go out
to the arrivals gate at the airport
and sit there all day
watch people reuniting
public affection is so exciting
it even makes airports ok
watching children run
with their arms outstretched
just to throw those arms 
around their grandpas' necks
watching lovers plant kisses
old men to their misses
at the arrivals gate

watching a mother
with a mother's smile
don't tell me to move
i just wanna sit here for a while
i have determined
it's a sure cure for cancer
watching excitment turn family
dogs into dancers
at the arrivals gate

i got me a white bread sandwich
with some shredded lettuce
and i got me a ringside view
for my quaint little fetish

i just wanna drain my little pink heart
of all its malice
and kick back for the afternoon
in this flourescent palace

everybody's in a hurry
here in purgatory
except for me
i'm where i need to be

at the arrivals gate

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