"way tight " by Ani DiFranco

i'll tell you what 
there is plenty wrong with me
but i fixed up a few old buildings
and i've planted a few trees
and children seem to like me
and animals too
like the birds
and the bees
and eating a sandwich
standing over the kitchen counter
with only the sound of chewing in the room
i can see you as a challenge
that i will eagerly meet
cuz you are way way way way sweet

it's just that kind of evening
that cracks open like a half shaken beer
cool and refreshing and running down your arm
and baby there's really no other place i'd rather be than here
so pardon my periodic alarm

you are ever true
ever new in love
and i mean that in the best and worst way
and i don't really know what i was so mad about
but the full moon is about a week away

i'll tell you what
there is plenty wrong with you
stuff you'd sooner fight for than cop to
but i think it's just more reason why we are meant to be
people say i look like you
and you look like me
and we get this crazy combination
of everything and nothing right
but we are way way way way
way way way way
way tight

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