"smiling underneath " by Ani DiFranco

i don't mind waiting in line
no no
i don't mind if the bills pile up
and the work is slow
i don't mind the gas or the groceries or the grind
as long as i'm with you
i'm having a good time

don't mind the stoner waiter
or the poorly cooked food
don't mind little miss kitty
or her knuckle-head dude
don't mind if every last person here
is ugly and rude
long as i'm with you
i've got a good attitude
long as i'm with you

we could be stuck in traffic
for over a week
with a car full of quintuplets
who are all cutting teeth
around my neck
could be a flaming christmas wreath
and i'd be smiling underneath
smiling underneath

i don't mind waking up early
for a flight that's delayed
i don't mind a week's vacation
was chilly and grey
i don't mind the traffic cops or the tsa
as long as i'm with you
i'm having a good day

don't mind spilling my hot sauce
onto my white shirt
don't mind the twinge when i walk
in that knee that i hurt
don't mind my gums peeling back
or my hair getting thin
long as i'm with you i win

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