"Travel Tips " by Ani DiFranco

(Thanks Timmeh!) 

So, ok ha ha ha..
So last night, well, we were supposed to be here last night
I mean not, and you're late ha ha.
No, we're supposed to be, in this town,
Sleeping soundly in beds, with toilets really near by, and um,
But, but, uh, but what,
No instead we, we were in, we were in the, a study room in a dormitory at the CH-University of Chicago
ha ha ha ha, ah and we were having a little slumber party
ha, ha, ha it was like, I mean it was either that or sleep like, y'know at the gate
In the airport, so, so, we decided well, "the study room."
And it was so funny 'cause then we were in Chicago right and everybody was in Chicago and they could check out any time they liked but they could never leave.
a-ha ha, so, so and then, oh yeah right,
so Chicago is just infested with with cranky air travel people
and they were all, they filled up the hotels, so,
but not the dorms, no…
travel tips…

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