"good, bad, ugly" by Ani DiFranco

it was good
good to see you again
good to meet your girlfriend
i'll try not to wonder where you are
when you go outside to kiss her
in the front seat of your car

it is good
good to be back home
how i missed this time zone
strangers are exciting
their mystery never ends
but there's nothing like looking at your own history
in the faces of your friends

and it's bad
to have eyes like neon signs
flashing open open open
open open open open open
open all the time
and it's bad
that i wrapped you in a fantasy
and i carry you with me
but lately it seems like everybody's
joined at the hip 
and i'm still fancy
i'm so fancy
fancy free

sometimes the beauty is easy
sometimes you don't have to try at all
sometimes you can hear the wind blow in a handshake
sometimes there's poetry written right
on the bathroom wall

and it's bad
that i took that second look
i guess i'm an open book
you know i didn't really intend
to embrace you that long
but then again i wasn't the only one
holding on

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