"icarus" by Ani DiFranco

it seems like you just started noticing 
how noticibly bad things really are 
and then you walk past this couple arguing 
in a rolled up window parked car 
and all that gesticulated bitterness 
and all of that muffled yelling hell 
it's like it just starts wafting at you 
like a big furry rat died inside of that wall kinda smell 

bad dreams like this roll in like a cold front 
thunderous thunder and lightning in tow 
and your tiny little life gets even smaller 
as you heed the heavens' mighty show 
and i don't mean heaven like godlike 
cuz the animal i am knows very well 
that nature is our teacher and our mother 
and god is just another 
story that we tell 

you're trying not to grasp 
not to start grasping 
at straws or sticks or stones
have the strength to just sit inside your sadness
even if you're sitting there alone
cuz just like icarus ascending 
never intending to look back 
nature's law and your tragic flaw 
send you flying into the arms of another venus fly trap 
guzzle till the buzzing stops 
guzzle till the buzzing stops 
guzzle till the buzzing stops 

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