allergic to water

you can't even imagine 
the tortuous state i've been existing in 
i am allergic to water 
it itches my throat and it blisters my skin 
still, i drink cuz i have to, i bathe cuz i have to 
but boy it's a pain 
but i don't cry 
cuz it hurts to cry 
and i don't go outside in the rain 

and you may wonder what would possess 
someone like me to go on 
you may wonder how it's possible 
something so basic could go wrong 
and all i can say is 
if you stretch your mind all the way as far as it goes 
there's someone out there who lives further than that 
in a place you can never know 

so right now if you’re looking at me 
you can assume that i am thirsty 
and a good day is one when that ache in my brain 
can remain at a doable three 
and i don't really want your sympathy 
i'm just telling you so you'll understand 
this is me, sincerely 
doin the best that i can

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