Press and Mainstream Media Appearances

[This is an incomplete record due to poor record keeping. I stopped updating it in 2007 so it's *really* out of date now. I've added a sample of appearances in 2007-2008 for context.]


"Discussion: MySpace and Deleting Online Predators Act (DOPA)" by danah boyd and Henry Jenkins. MIT Tech Talk. 26 May 2006.

"Turmoil in Blogland" by danah boyd. 8 January 2005.

"The New Blogocracy" by danah boyd. 28 July 2004.


"Making sense of teens' cyber social networks" by Janice Greene. San Francisco Chronicle 13 July 2008. (profile of my blog)

"A space of her own" by Penelope Debelle. The Age (Melbourne). 4 August, 2007.

"danah boyd" by Julie Tereschuk. Austin Woman. March 2007.

"The high priestess of internet friendship" by Graham Bowley. The Financial Times. 27 October 2006.

"They need their space" by Jane Meredith Adams. San Francisco Magazine. May 2006.

"The Profiler: Why the online masses act the way they do" by Sam Whiting. San Francisco Chronicle. 25 April 2004.

“Decoding the New Cues in Online Society” by Michael Erard. New York Times. 27 November 2003.


"How Teens Interact Online." FORA TV. 4 July 2008. (Sample of Aspen talk)

"Social Networks and Immersive Environments." FORA TV. 4 July 2008. (Sample of Aspen talk)

"Growing Up Online." PBS Frontline. 22 January 2008. (Talking about Youth.)

"World News with Charles Gibson." ABC. 8 April 2007. (Talking about Connecticut anti-youth legislation.)

"The End of Web Anonymity" on "The Agenda with Steve Paikin." TV Ontario. 4 April 2007. (Talking about privacy and anonymity)

"i>Tele." (France). 11 December 2006.

"Breakfast." TV One (New Zealand). 30 June 2006. (Talking about MySpace.)

"Campbell Live." TV 3 (New Zealand). 29 June 2006. (Talking about MySpace.)

"The Ethical Edge." MSNBC. 11 June 2006. (Talking about MySpace.)

"The Secret Lives of Teens." ABC Primetime Live. 18 May 2006. (Talking about MySpace)

"The O'Reilly Factor" on FOX News. 30 March 2006. (Talking about MySpace and child porn.)

"MySpace" on Current TV. 14 March 2006.


"Women of Web2.0 Show #68." EdTechTalk. 26 March 2008.

"Algorithms for Dumb Security Questions." CBC Radio's "Spark." Episode 28, 12 & 15 March 2008.

"Are teachers who use Facebook, text messaging, instant messaging, etc more effective teachers?" CBC Radio's "Spark."

"Gated Social Networks." NPR's "On The Media." 3 August 2007.

"MySpace." Teen Talk Radio. 8 May 2007.

"'Evidence Mail' PutsUs All on the Record" on "Weekend Edition Sunday." NPR. 2 April 2007.

"Will 2007 Bring Another YouTube Phenomenon?"on "All Things Considered." NPR. 28 December 2006.

"Jigsaw's Data Mining Sparks Privacy Debate" on "Day to Day." NPR. 14 September 2006.

"Interview: danah boyd" on "Saturday Morning with Kim Hill." Radio New Zealand. 1 July 2006. (on MySpace)

"" on "On Point." NPR (via WBUR). 2 May 2006.

"Who's in My Space" (special report on KNX1070). 25 April 2006.

"MySpace" on "Your Call." KALW 91.7. 6 March 2006.

"Teens Create their Own Space Online" on "Talk of the Nation." NPR. 1 February 2006.

"Googled! Will the Internet Come Back to Haunt You?" on "To The Point." NPR (via KCRW). 12 August 2005.


"Social Networking and Class Warfare" by Steven Levy. Newsweek. 13 August 2007.

"Facebook or MySpace? It's a Matter of Class" by Steven Levy. Newsweek. 6 August 2007.

"New Connections" by Wade Rousch. Alaska Airlines Magazine. May 2007.

"Quick Takes." World Magazine. 14 April 2007.

"Fakesters" by Wade Rousch. Technology Review. November/December 2006.

"Trackback." Wired. Issue 14.09. September 2006.

"The Games People Shouldn't Play." Wired. Issue 14.08. August 2006.

"Decoding MySpace" by Michelle Andrews. US News and World Report. 10 September 2006 Issue.

"The Network Unbound" by Anya Kamenetz. Fast Company. Issue 106, June 2006.

"Walking a New Beat: Surfing helps cops crack the case" by Andrew Romano. Newsweek. 24 April 2006 issue.

"Emerging Technology: Pass your e-mail through some new software and the answer will become obvious" by Steven Johnson. Discover Vol. 24 No. 04 | April 2003. (about Social Network Fragments)


News (paper and digital)

[only a sample available from 2007-on]

"Efforts to rein in online fight videos" by Stacy Teicher Khadaroo. Christian Science Monitor. 22 July 2008.

"Tech File: Verifying age online doesn't solve all problems" by Larry Magid.San Jose Mercury News. 5 May 2008.

"Meet the Echo Boom hackers" by Robert Vamosi.Cnet. 8 April 2008.

"A window into their lives" by Irene Sege. Boston Globe. 4 April 2008.

"The web, the politician, and the prostitute" by Alfred Hermida. BBC. 18 March 2008.

"How Dangerous is the Internet for Children?" by David Pogue. New York Times. 28 February 2008.

"Tech's feminine side" by Carolyn Johnson. Boston Globe. 18 February 2008.

"Is MySpace Good for Society? A Freakonomics Quorum" by Stephen Dubner. New York Times. 15 February 2008.

"The Rough-and-Tumble Online Universe Traversed by Young Cybernauts" by Felicia Lee. New York Times. 22 January 2008.

"Networked Out: Are There Too Many Social Web Sites?" by Gina Kim. Sacramento Bee. 20 January 2008.

"Facebook et al enter academia" by Monica Hesse. Toronto Star. 27 December 2007.

"The Privacy Debate and What Government Actions Should Teach Us" by Heather Green. Business Week. 17 December 2007.

"About Facebook! Forward March!" by Monica Hesse.Washington Post. 16 December 2007.

"How Your Creepy Ex-Co-Workers Will Kill Facebook" by Cory Doctorow. Information Week. 26 November 2007.

"Online snooping made easy" by David Sarno. Los Angeles Times. 29 July 2007.,1,2495350.story

"Face to Face in cyberspace" by Stephen Lunn. Australian IT. 27 July 2007.,24897,22143354-15302,00.html

"Class War: MySpace Vs. Facebook" by Claire Miller. Forbes. 23 July 2007.

"Web yields vital clues on job seekers" by Hanah Cho. Chicago Tribune. 16 July 2007.,0,7410962.column?coll=chi-bizfront-hed

"OMG! YR still on MySpace? Loser!" by Helen Popkin. MSNBC. 13 July 2007.

"If Facebook is just this year's version of AOL, is that bad?" by Jack Schofield. The Guardian. 12 July 2007.

"Why is T.O. the capital of Facebook?" by Alexandra Shimo. The Star. 30 June 2007.

"Preppies prefer Facebook, outcasts MySpace" by Misty Harris. The Vancouver Sun. 28 June 2007.

"MySpace is Bart, Facebook is Lisa" by Katherine Noyes. TechNewsWorld. 26 June 2007.

"Social websites expose class divide" by Bobbie Johnson. The Guardian Unlimited. 25 June 2007.,,2111020,00.html

"Social sites reveal class divide." BBC News. 25 June 2007.

"Film makers urged to explore digital technologies" by Tunde Oladunjoye. Business Day. 31 May 2007.

"At Some Schools, Facebook Evolves From Time Waster to Academic Study" by Andrew LaVallee. Wall Street Journal. 29 May 2007.

"Finding myself through online identities" by Bill Thomspon. BBC News. 14 May 2007.

“The mirror of change: This is who we are becoming.” By Dina Mehta, Tehelka, 5 May, 2007.

"Det som förr var privat hittas nu snabbt på nätet." SvD Kultur. 22 April 2007.

“Local accident detailed in blog” by JEFF PARROTT. South Bend Tribune, 18 April 2007.

"Click here to give 'em the flick" by Asher Moses. Brisbane Times. 2 April 2007.

"Magic is in the eye of the beholder, not the creator" by Dylan Tweney. Wired. 28 March 2007.

"Teens break up in MySpace comments." Digital Journal. 28 March 2007.

"Tech Chronicles" by Dan Frost. San Francisco Chronicle. 21 March 2007.

“Survey illuminates teen social networks” by Martha Irvine, Associated Press (USA Today), 8 January 2007.

“Law School or YouTube?” by C.W. Nevius, blog. 7 January 2007.

“Re-writing The Rules of Online ID” by Bill Thompson. BBC News, Technology. 5 January 2007

"Wireless: Can mobile phones give you 'presence?'" by Thomas Crampton. International Herald Tribune. 17 December 2006.

"10 cultural implications of social software" by David Teten and Scott Allen. Fast 13 December 2006.

"All you ever needed to know about social networking" by Jessica Guynn. The Technology Chronicles. 6 December 2006.

"When Legal Meets Marketing" by Jesse Walker. Reason Online. 20 November 2006.

"MySpace Aims for a Global Audience, and Finds Some Stiff Competition" by Robert Levine. New York Times. 7 November 2006.

"Parents, Industry Need to Protect Kids at Social Networking Web Sites" by Josh Swartzlander. Kansas City InfoZine. 22 September 2006.

"YouTube Exposes Some Unique Starring Roles" by Kathleen Nye Flynn. Los Angeles Downtown News. 23 October 2006.

"Joining the Party, Eager to Make Friends" by Saul Hansell. New York Times. 16 October 2006.

"Facebook: A Great Way to Hobble a Brand" by Christopher Carfi. WebProNews. 10 October 2006.

"A Friending Need" by Mark Vernon. Guardian Unlimited. 5 October 2006.

"Facebook eyes opening doors to general public" by Samantha Blons. Peperdine University Graphic. 21 September 2006.

"Facebook and the Politics of Privacy" by Peter Meredith. Mother Jones. 14 September 2006.

"The revolt you didn't hear about" by CW Nevius. San Francisco Chronicle. 12 Septemeber 2006.

"MySpace, Facebook change how generation communicates" by David Studinski. The Ball State Daily News. 12 September 2006.

"Social Networks: Execs Use Them Too" by Rachael King. BusinessWeek. 11 September 2006.

"Facebook will soon be available to everyone" by Janet Kornblum. USA Today. 11 September 2006.

"It's definitely not your Dad's IBM any more" by Russell Brown. Computerworld. 11 September 2006.

"ForBiddeN's Pl4yb0y Debut" by Xeni Jardin. Wired. 8 September 2006.,71748-0.html?tw=wn_culture_5

"Forbidden's Playboy Party" by Xeni Jardin. Wired. 6 September 2006.

"It's 2006. Do you know where your kids are?" by Bryce Jorgensen. The Roanoke Times. 29 December 2006.

"The Moral Panic over Social Networking Sites" by Wade Roush. The Technology Review. 7 August 2006.

"BlogHer Day Two: Sensitive Topics and Outreach" by Liz Henry. The Huffington Post. 29 July 2006.

"Blogging, her way" by Daniel Terdiman. ZDNet News. 28 July 2006.

"See Me, Click Me" by Linton Weeks. Washington Post. 23 July 2006.

"Text Messaging on Rise With Young People" by Martha Irvine. Washington Post. 18 July 2006. (AP article reprinted under dozens of titles)

"Text Messaging on Rise With Young People" by Martha Irvine. Washington Post. 18 July 2006. Fox News.

"E-Mail now snail-mail, says texters." Evening Times. 19 July 2006.

"Brave new world for marketers in MySpace" by Fiona Robertson. The National Business Review (New Zealand). 4 July 2006.

"Teens seek identity in cyberspace" by Matthew Davis. The Dominion Post (New Zealand). 1 July 2006.,2106,3717701a28,00.html

"Teens don't need a cyber police state" by Robyn Holukoff. CBC New Viewpoint (Canada). 26 June 2006.

"MySpace users stumble as they decide who their friends are" by Steven Barrie-Anthony. Fort Wayne Journal Gazette. 13 June 2006.

"Mom's a Good Cyberspy, but Her Kid Already Knows" by Yuko Noguchi. The Ledger. 2 June 2006.

"The 'dangers' of MySpace" by Jan Frel. AlterNet. 31 May 2006.

"High-Tech Hide and Seek" by Yuko Noguchi. Washington Post. 28 May 2006.

"Experts discuss MySpace issues" by Sarah Wright. MIT News Office. 24 May 2006.

"Call them equal opportunity bloggers" by Jessica Guynn. Contra Costa Times. 21 May 2006.

"Generation gap: Parents, exhibitionist young people differ on NSA spying" by Justin Berton. San Francisco Chronicle. 20 May 2006.

"What Are Teens Hiding on MySpace." ABC News Primetime. 18 May 2006.

"MySpace users: Worries part of generation gap" by Matt Katz. Courier News. 15 May 2006.

"Teens' online postings are new tool for police" by Wendy Davis. Boston Globe. 15 May 2006.

"Hanging out in MySpace" by Jill Serjeant. Johannesburg Tonight (South Africa). 15 May 2006.

"Online Predators" by Daniel Rubin. The Philadelphia Inquirer. 14 May 2006.

"Congress Looks To Halt MySpace In Schools, Libraries" by Gil Kaufman. MTV Think. 12 May 2006.

"Microsoft, Nintendo Gun for Sony." Wired. 11 May 2006.,70877-0.html

"As freedom shrinks, teens seek MySpace to hang out" by Jill Serjeant. Washington Post. 11 May 2006.

"Take a number, pal" by Steven Barrie-Anthony. LA Times. 10 May 2006.,0,7120801.story

"Teens model virtual identities on social networking sites" by Andrew Shaw. Greenwich Time. 3 May 2006.,0,1991482.story

"Police warn of online sex predators" by Matt Jarzemsky. Missourian News. 28 April 2006.

"MySpace, Wikipedia Cope With Growing Pains" by Mark Glaser. PBS MediaShift. 18 April 2006.

"Marginal Utility: The Attention Economy" by Rob Horning. Pop Matters. 13 April 2006.

"Can Murdoch make money from those MySpace users?" by Bobbie Johnson. The Guardian (UK). 6 April 2006.,,1747328,00.html

"Murdoch's MySpace misunderstanding" by Bobbie Johnson. Guardian Unlimited. 4 April 2006.

"Teens answer the call - and e-mail" by Crayton Harrison and Dianne Solis. Dallas Morning News. 31 March 2006.

"News Corp. (hearts) MySpace" by Marc Gunther. Fortune (Plugged In). 29 March 2006.

"Island Wisdom, Coded in Java" by Quinn Norton. Wired. 24 March 2006.,70474-0.html

"Teens face risks online" by Melissa Siager. Snohomish Herald. 20 March 2006.

"When online geeks come face to face" by Eyder Peralta. Houston Chronicle. 13 March 2006. (about SXSW play talk)

"Don't Talk To Invisible Strangers" by Anna Bahney. New York Times. 9 March 2006.

"What you say online could haunt you" by Janet Kornblum. USA Today. 8 March 2006.

"MySpace changing ways people present selves" by Marshall King. The Truth. 5 March 2006.

"Back off, give kids some room on MySpace" by Gene Grant. ABQTrib Columnists. 3 March 2006.,2564,ALBQ_19856_4511729,00.html (about MySpace)

“Come in from the old” by Josh Rosenblatt. The Austin Chronicle. 3 March 2006.

"Adults put squeeze on MySpace craze" by Victoria Freile. Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. 2 March 2006.

"A MySpace Cheat Sheet for Parents" by Kevin Poulsen. Wired News. 27 February 2006.,70287-0.html

"Wise parents peek in kids' myspace" by CW Nevius. San Francisco Chronicle 25 February 2006.

"Scientists: Internet, Chat Rooms Good for Teenagers" by Mark Henderson. Fox 24 February 2006.,2933,185823,00.html (about my AAAS talk)

"Identity Production in a Networked Culture" by Nick Rose. Utne. 23 February 2006. (about my AAAS talk)

"Computers make for chatty children" by Mark Henderson. Times Online. 21 February 2006.,,2-2049863,00.html (about my AAAS talk)

"Teens gain valuable social skills online" by Roxanne Khamsi. New Scientist. 20 February 2006. (about my AAAS talk)

"Kid online? Relax, experts tell parents" by Richard Hill. The Oregonian. 20 February 2006.

"Teens compare drinking stories on Internet site" by Andrew Shaw. Greenwich Time. 20 February 2006.,0,6592751.story

"Stanford using iTunes to take lectures global" by Daniel Terdiman. Cnet News. 3 November 2005.

"Teens wear their hearts on their blog" by Janet Kornblum. USA Today. 30 October 2005.

"UC Berkeley Teams Up With Yahoo in Downtown Lab" by Matthew Artz. Berkeley Daily Planet. 14 October 2005.

"Your face here" by Ian Hill. Stockton Record. 22 September 2005.

"How they triggered war on the web." Times Online. 11 September 2005.,,2103-1774033,00.html

"The Net is for social butterflies" by C.W. Nevius. San Francisco Chronicle. 6 August 2005.

"Wikipedia is fun, but credibility varies a lot" by Susan Barnes. Rochester Democrat and Chronicle. 17 July 2005.

"Social Petworking: Dog Walks Get Wired" by Tracy Staedter. Discovery. 18 May 2005.

"Next Gen Weighs a 'Secure' Future" by Kim Zetter. Wired. 18 April 2005.,1294,67258,00.html

"PH.Dotcom: What if professors could lecture 24-7? Blog culture invades academia" by Geeta Dayal. Village Voice. 12 April 2005.,edsuppdayal,62903,12.html

"The Story of Money, Love and Friendster" ABS-CBS News. 22 February 2005.

"Internetworking" by Tara Weiss. Hartford Courant. 21 February 2005.,0,3157620.story

"Steal this bookmark!" by Katharine Mieszkowski. Salon. 8 February 2005.

"Friendster, Love And Money; Users Lose the Thrill Of 'Social Networking'" by Gary Rivlin. 24 January 2005.

"Our So-Called Lives" by Neva Chonin. San Francisco Chronicle. 16 January 2005.

"Wikipedia Faces Growing Pains" by Daniel Terdiman. Wired. 10 January 2005.,1284,66210,00.html

"S.F. blog company buying a rival" by Michael Bazely. San Jose Mercury News. 6 January 2005.

"Log on, link up - Social networking sites try to find new ways to keep users interested" by Verne Kopytoff. San Francisco Chronicle. 13 December 2004.

"Sacto blogo" by Chrisanne Beckner. Sacramento News and Report. 9 December 2004.

"Pitch to Online Crowd Mixes Pop Stars and Personals" by Nat Ives. 3 December 2004.

"Digital note-passing gains respect among adults" by Deborah Cohen. USA Today. 26 November 2004.

"One-stop way to read news, blogs online RSS allows users to get free, automatic feeds" by Verne Kopytoff. San Francisco Chronicle. 25 October 2004.

"Find new friends at the facebook and get connected!" by Kristi Hsu. The Daily Texan. 8 October 2004.

"It's Not Just Usability." Joel on Software. September 6, 2004. (about autistic systems)

"Online social networks go to work" by Xeni Jardin. MSNBC. 30 July 2004.

"Blog fans try to separate fact from fiction" by Michael Bazeley. Mercury News. June 30, 2004.

"`Plain Layne' and Odin Soli: an Internet hoax" by Michael Bazeley. Mercury News. June 28, 2004. (no quotes; me: on the history of this kind of thing)

"You are who you know" by Andrew Leonard. 15-16 June 2004. and

"A match made in cyberspace: New wireless technologies take social-networking services to the next level" by Thea Singer. Boston Herald. June 11, 2004.

“Six degrees of separation” by Wendy Grossman. The Age. 3 June 2004.

"Secret Societies" by Mike Barton. Syndey Morning Herald. May 22, 2004.

"Linked Out: blogging, equality and the future" by Melanie McBride. Mindjack Magazine. April 19, 2004.

"Friends like these." The Independent. April 14, 2004. (about Friendster)

"Escape from Loserville." Fitzgerald, Courtney. Austin Chronicle. March 5, 2004. (about Friendster whores and my participation at SXSW)

"Tripping on Internet Populism." Sifry, Micah. The Nation. February 16, 2004. (about my blog entry on Joe Trippi)

"TECHSPLOITATION: Wil Wheaton is a Dick." Newitz, Annalee. AlterNet. February 10, 2004. (about my habits of studying YASNS)

“Defenses lacking at social network sites” by Annalee Newitz. Security Focus. December 31, 2003.

“Six Degrees of Procrastination” by Todd Inoue. Metro Active. 9-15 October, 2003.

"Faking out Friendster" by Katharine Mieszkowski. Salon. August 14, 2003.

"Making Friendsters in High Places" by Leander Kahney. Wired. July 17, 2003.,2330,30,00.html

"Friendster or Foe" by Jennifer Romolini. Time Out New York. Issue 406: July 10-17, 2003.

"Bound together: Popular startup dot-com connects users to thousands of friends of friends of friends" by Vanessa Hua. San Francisco Chronicle. June 27, 2003.

"A Web Network for Friends and Ways to Find Famous Graves" by Pamela LiCalzi O'Connell. New York Times. June 5, 2003. In “Circuits.”

Books References

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