"millennium theater" by Ani DiFranco

(thanks Gian, et. al.)
millennium theater                                                                      
get out there and buy that water and gas  
Ramadan orange alert
everybody put on your gas mask                                                          

first leak it out about the president                                                   
then stand up and shout "impeachment"                                                   
pulling coat tails out from under that little V.P.
before he has a chance to get in the driver's seat                                       

millennium spectacle                                                                    
everybody put on a show                                                                 
slip a little prince in the back door                                                   
21st century here we go                                                                 

digital whiplash                                                                        
so many formats so little time                                                          
while out in TV nation                                                                  
under darkening skies                                                                   
the resistance is just waiting 
to be organized                                          

millenium theater                                                                       
chief justice is for sale                                                                 
yucca mountain goddesses                                                                 
their tears they form a trail                                                             

trickle down Israel
patriarchies realign                                                                  
the ice caps melt
and new orleans bides her time                                       
new orleans bides her time                                                              
ladies and gentlemen                                                                    
welcome to tonight's show                
the millennium theater                                                                  
asks that you not smoke                                                                
please turn off your cell phones                                                        
and forget what you think you know       

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