when i can hear somethin calling
from somewhere deep and far
i'm a genie in a bikini
comin out of a jar
i float out of myself
and into the divine

but it ain't all the time
sometimes i'm stuck in my mind

but i'm sick of standing in the breadlines
with a hunger that just won’t quit
sick of mining my own hillsides
for gems to sell at market
just gonna sit here like buddha
under this here bodhi tree
say goodbye to the game
of what can i get for me

i just cried enough times
and i think i wore out my mind

you came out of the blue
like twilight's first star
and we picked up on each other
from somewhere deep and far
and we woke up married
after one drunk fuck
and i couldn't believe you'd found me
i couldn't believe my luck

cuz i did my time
before love came to find me

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